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Wall Cleaning

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Sometimes a whole house cleaning just isn’t necessary.

For those times, we offer wall cleaning and window cleaning in the greater Fairbanks area. Wall cleaning and window cleaning may seem like a small service, but it puts the finishing touch on a home and really makes your residence sparkle like new!

Wall cleaning is often overlooked in favor of floor cleaning or other big ticket items. Handprints, dirt from shoes, and greasy residues can cling to your walls making them appear dingy and dull. Cleaning the walls in your home can make sure your home isn’t just neat and organized, but truly clean.

Wall cleaning is an economical way to freshen up your home without spending thousands of dollars repainting.  Advances in paint have made them more durable than in years past, which makes it easier and cheaper to clean your walls of residues from cooking, smoking, dust, soil and many other particles. Over time these particles build up layer after layer of sticky film on your walls and ceilings.  We use Clean Alaska brand products that will leave your walls clean, without affecting the paint.  Our products are EPA approved with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).